World Next Door in Lansing



Lansing is the capital of Michigan. This week volunteers are here on a mission trip with Streams of Light International. Besides Michiganders, they have met people from Bhutan, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Myanmar.

In Lansing there are at least three Islamic centers or mosques, three Jewish congregations, four Buddhist, Hindu or Jain temples, and one Sikh Center. Michigan State University has 9,000 international students from 140 countries. That’s the world next door!

The volunteers are sharing The Great Controversy and My Language My Life,, where the Great Controversy is in many languages. They are eagerly sharing with everyone because they know, “Christ recognized no distinction of nationality or rank or creed….Christ came to break down every wall of partition. He came to show that His gift of mercy and love is as unconfined as the air, the light, or the showers of rain that refresh the earth” (Evangelism, 568).

Is that your heart too? Develop more of Jesus’ heart by reading further inspired counsel. Enjoy and contribute some special mission Bible texts.

Follow the Streams of Light International mission trip this week:

Jesus and the World Next Door - Full Playlist

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