Be Inspired by Philip and the Ethiopian Treasurer

Acts 8 tells the story of God leading Philip to meet an important man from Ethiopia who was searching for truth.  

“This Ethiopian represented a large class who need to be taught by such missionaries as Philip—men who will hear the voice of God and go where He sends them. There are many who are reading the Scriptures who cannot understand their true import. All over the world men and women are looking wistfully to heaven. Prayers and tears and inquiries go up from souls longing for light, for grace, for the Holy Spirit. Many are on the verge of the kingdom, waiting only to be gathered in. An angel guided Philip to the one who was seeking for light and who was ready to receive the gospel, and today angels will guide the footsteps of those workers who will allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify their tongues and refine and ennoble their hearts” (Ellen White, Our Father Cares, 194).

Decide To Reach With Us

We think these people are top on God’s priority list for all of us. Do you feel His call too? If so, make a choice to reach out. Clicking this link below will let us know so we can keep you updated with new stories and ideas for inspiration.

I will make one solid friendship with someone of a different culture and religion in the next six months.

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