Unaccompanied Children of Eritrea



How would you feel if first your brother, then your sister, then another brother were all conscripted into military service. Suppose the military said they would be gone only for 18 months, but they were forced to serve more than ten years? What if you knew that a bus was coming to your high school to take you away to serve in the military also? What would you do?
The children of Eritrea do not have to imagine this might happen because the above scenario is their frightening reality. Located on the beautiful shores of the Red Sea, the government’s control of Eritrea and abuse of its authority is so bad that some people refer to Eritrea as the “North Korea of Africa.”
One out of 10 people have fled this country, many escaping across the border into Ethiopia. More than half of the children who are crossing the border right now are coming without a parent or an adult to care for them. What will happen to those vulnerable children?
You and I cannot fix every heartache, but let us do something! What will it be this week? Pray, give, train, and reach the world next door.

Be a Reach the World Next Door Missionary!

Pastor Scott Griswold, Director

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