Host a Welcome Dinner as a Church



How about if there is a large group of newly arrived immigrants, refugees, or international students? You can get your friends or the whole church involved in a “Welcome to Your New Country” dinner.

Plan a fellowship meal where you ask lots of people to bring food, if possible, various ethnic dishes.

You can even make tickets for the event and take some free tickets to the internationals you want to invite. Write down their names if they confirm that they will come.

When you prepare the tables, set name cards by the plates, mixing the internationals with your friends and church members.

Meet beforehand to pray and to talk about how to be friendly. Write up some good questions to ask or use what is in this kit. Remind your members that this is an initial friendship contact, so they should show true Christian care, not focusing on differences or challenging topics like politics and religion. Have the members listen for needs among the internationals so that they can follow up with helpfulness later.

Have your guests register their names and contact information. Tell them, “We want to do other special things to let you know we’re glad you’re in our country.”

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