Course Descriptions

Semester 1

End-time Discipleship and Righteousness by Faith

This course teaches the specific aspects of being a disciple of Jesus in the context of last-day events and final-hour missions. Staff provides weekly coaching to help students set goals and steps for growth and personal victory through an emphasis on the practical realities of righteousness by faith.

Wholistic Ministry Among Refugees and Immigrants

Students develop competencies in ministering to the varied needs of humans. They are trained to coach people with specific health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer towards a healthy lifestyle. They learn to effectively care for and share scriptural counsel and prayer with individuals who are having financial, relational, or emotional challenges. Emphasis is placed on Jesus’ comprehensive methods of ministry. 

Principles of Cross-Cultural Witness and Communication

This course empowers students to make basic cultural assessment, initial contact and effective follow-up with people of other cultures and religions leading to solid friendships. The students develop the ability to tell stories and testimonies, lead small group teaching, and preach using methods that match various cultures. Emphasis is placed on the power of the Holy Spirit and importance of prayer.

Biblical Foundations in View of World Religions

Students explore the primary doctrines of the Bible especially within the context of the three angels’ messages. These truths are compared with the beliefs and practices of world religions. Students develop the ability to bridge conversations from similarities to differences in an effective way for Animists, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and Muslims.

Practical Skills for Frontline Missions

This course covers the basics in a wide variety of skills that are frequently useful in rural and urban mission contexts. These include construction, agriculture, mechanics, finances, cooking and computers.


Semester 2

Principles of Making and Multiplying Disciples

This course explores Jesus’ model of making disciples. Students apply what they experienced in End-Time Discipleship and Righteousness by Faith to mentoring a new interest. An orientation to effective church planting principles is covered in theory, observation, and involvement.

The Redemption of Cultures

This course covers the missional issues of incarnational ministry. Students gain competencies in partnering with the Holy Spirit for the transformation of people of another culture, including their hearts, worldviews, beliefs, and practices. Principles are applied to such areas as ceremonies, festivals, social practices, and styles of communication.

Leadership Skills for Glocal Impact

Biblical principles of Christian leadership are explored and applied to contemporary problems in global and local communities. The course covers basic concepts of relief and development. Students research various ministries and missions to apply effective methods to their growing understanding of their personal mission. Opportunities are provided for students to develop their leadership abilities through starting new ministries as well as helping to plan and lead a two-week mission trip locally or overseas.

Coaching for Emotional and Relational Health

This course provides a careful study of Biblical principles and Ellen White counsels for emotional and relational health. Students learn to counsel, coach, and present in ways that lead others to experience reconciliation and wholeness.


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