Long ago a religious man asked Jesus, “Who is My Neighbor?” He wanted to limit his responsibilities to as few as possible. Jesus told the Good Samaritan story and turned the question around. He asked, “Who was the good neighbor?” That’s really our number one question in light of refugees today. As you watch Who is My Neighbor? you will feel the struggles of an Afghani refugee in Houston and know what you can do to be a true neighbor.

Do you want a deeper relationship with God? Would you like to be filled with His life-changing power and share Jesus with those who don't know Him? Learn how to receive the Holy Spirit, the gift that God has promised to those who ask (Luke 11:13)!

When I was a pastor in California, there was an Indian Sikh temple located just across from our apartment and there was a Muslim group seeking to buy the property next to our church to build a mosque. How close is the mission field to where you are living?

The mission field has definitely moved next door to us in the United States, but do we know even the basics so that we can show interest in our neighbors and take steps to become an effective witness? Learn more about each of the world religions at Register as a member to access training materials and Bible studies.



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