Lesson Modules


Lesson One

Presentation: Befriending the Unreached Next Door. Discover God’s heart and plans for immigrants and refugees. Identify the unreached near you and make initial contacts. Explore multi-lingual resources at MyLanguageMyLife.com

Assignment: Here’s how to give good news in more than 180 languages; Elder Dan Serns shares further how to be a good neighbor; Ms. Anna Coridan tells her story of moving into a refugee apartment complex to start ministry; Dr. Conrad Vine further explains who the unreached are and what we can do.




Lesson Two

Presentation: Enjoying and Navigating Cultural Diversity. Learn to appreciate differences in culture and work through misunderstandings through questions to understand cultural meaning.

Assignment: Dr. Conrad Vine shows the power of humility for cultural learning; Pastor Philip Tangal shares his story and insights into reaching Nepali Hindus.




Lesson Three

Presentation: Coming Close to the Heart of Refugees. Grow in understanding the challenges facing refugees. Come close to their lives and understand their hearts.

Assignment: Ms. Tara Vang tells the huge impact church members made on her refugee family (GYC)

Assignment:  “Refugees, Pain and Trauma Dealing with Everyday Life” (3ABN).

Assignment: Pr. Desta describes the journey from Ethiopia to Minnesota and how to help refugees adjust.

Assignment: See what God’s people are doing around the world to help refugees.


Lesson Four

Presentation: Tangibly Help New Arrivals. Examine the biblical emphasis on wholistic ministry. Research the needs of refugees, immigrants, and international students to be able to tangibly help.

Assignment: Feel Mrs. Ingrid Slikkers’ passion as she shows how we can foster refugee children.

Assignment: Learn how to bring refugees into our school and see them revive.

Assignment: Find out the difference we can make in the lives of international students.

Assignment: Enter into the joy people from other cultures found as churches welcomed and trained them.



Lesson Five

Presentation: Being a Spirit-Filled Disciple. Search for more insight into Jesus’ training of the disciples, the experience of conversion, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit in order to experience more of God’s preparation for mission work.

Assignment: Pastor Sam Ngala shares inspiration with his adventure in depending on the Holy Spirit.





Lesson Six

Presentation: Building Bridges to People of Other Religions. Learn to listen carefully to understand people’s beliefs, values, and needs in order to come close to them in areas of commonalities.

Assignment: Elder Bryan Gallant shares the power of the gift of time; Mr. Lauran Merginio tells about his experience in refugee ministry.

Assignment: Elder Stephen Po tells what it was like to be a young refugee moving to America and how to help refugees thrive



Lesson Seven

Presentation: Sharing Life-Changing Stories and Experiences. Become effective in sharing testimonies and stories leading people to experience God and His principles in powerful ways.

Assignment: Elder Dan Serns describes how to share ones testimony effectively; Elder Dean Coridan shows the power of prayer in dealing with ghosts; Ms. Anna Coridan challenges to seek God’s courage to witness.




Lesson Eight

Presentation: Leading Up Step-by-Step. Understand various aspects of Jesus’ death that connect with people of various religions and backgrounds to be able to lead people to experience salvation.

Assignment: See how the right literature helps people understand; learn from Ms. Shirley Finneman’s care for refugees.






Lesson Nine

Presentation: Making Disciples Like Jesus. Explore further Jesus’ method of making disciples in order to have a clear plan to disciple and nurture new believers.

Assignment: Pastor Saeng Saengthip tells how being a disciple almost cost him his family; see how God uses different links in the chain to complete disciple-making beginning with Judy Aitken.




Lesson Ten

Presentation: Partnering to Redeem the Culture. Learn from the scriptures how to value aspects of various cultures while also confronting and transforming areas that need to be.

Assignment: Dr. Conrad Vine describes the deep worldview change that must happen for each new believer.





Lesson Eleven

Presentation: Building the International Body of Believers. Improve the quality of the local church or a small group by applying the Biblical principles of a Spirit-filled church.

Assignment-Video Clip: Elder Dan Serns, Mr. Fabian Reid, and Elder Scott Griswold share their experiences in starting home groups and ethnic churches.

Assignment: Dr. Anthony WagenerSmith passionately shares the importance of church planting and the basic steps.



Lesson Twelve

Presentation: Effectively Managing Cross-Cultural Conflict. Become more effective at resolving conflict using biblical principles in light of the various ways different cultures solve disagreements.

Assignment: Divisions, unions, and conferences share how they can partner with church members to reach refugees.




Lesson Thirteen

Presentation: Celebrating God's Glory and Seeking for More. Further develop a growth-mindset to have an ongoing mission lifestyle that multiplies missionaries by involving others.

Assignment: Laurence Burn casts a huge vision not for merely adding members but multiplying trainers of trainers.



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