Witness to People of other Religions

In many places there are now Baptists and Buddhists, Methodists and Muslims, Catholics and Copts, Jews, Jains, Hindus, Wiccans, and beyond.

Each person is extremely important to God. Many do not know Him. Many have a distorted understanding of His character and qualities. 

How can we share Him with people of such diverse background?

I have found four simple but effective steps to share faith with people of other world religions in a caring and respectful way. Explore them here.

Four Steps to Witnessing to People of World Religions

Inspirational Quotes for These Steps


You can learn much and find many resources from six different Global Mission Study Centers. Discover training materials and Bible studies and pamphlets to share when you sign up to be a member. It is simple to do and very useful.

Come Search with Me. Watch apologist Dr. Subodh Pandit share his search to know what truth really is from his background where he was surrounded by Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity.

Learn all you can from these sites and training resources to grow in wisdom and courage.  



Questions You Can Ask Your International Friends

1. When you were young, what was the religion of your family and what religious things did you do together?

2. Now that you are older, what values or practices have you kept as important to you?

3. What is meaningful to you about your religion? or What do you especially like about being a….(Hindu, Muslim, etc.)? 

4. What are the most important things that anybody who says they are a part of your religion should know and do? 

5. Do you believe in a God or gods that you can pray to? Please tell me about it. 

6. What do you think happens when people die? 

7. What do you think people can do to help themselves have a better future life? 

8. How did your religion start? 

9. What are the important holy places for your religion and where are they? 

10. What important holidays or ceremonies does your religion have? 

11. Are there any weekly services and what do they do at them? 

12. What are the scriptures like and do people read them very much?

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