India, a country of 1.2 billion people with 2,533 distinct people groups is known as the land of a million gods. Walk along the Ganges River and you will see deeply religious people devotedly practicing their faith. The majority follow Hinduism.

How many Hindus live close to you? Canada’s statistics show 497,960 Hindus, while estimates for Hindus in the United States are between 1.2 and 2. 2 million. The majority of these Hindus are from India, with at least 1.9 million Indian immigrants living in the USA. 25% of them live in New York, Chicago, or San Jose. In Canada many Indians live in Toronto and Vancouver.

Knowing that Hindus have beliefs like karma and reincarnation may make you feel uncomfortable or leery of sharing your faith. You may wonder if you have anything in common. The very fact that you believe in the supernatural realm (God, angels, and evil spirits), the judgment, and a future life, though different from Hindu beliefs, gives you areas to easily discuss and share.

It is estimated that 70% of Hindus living in North America do not personally know a single Christian. We can change that percentage through prayer. They need to know that they do not need to live thousands of lives and perform perfectly in order to escape suffering. Jesus has made a way already.

“Not all the means that can be gathered up is to be sent from America to distant lands, while in the home field there exist such providential opportunities to present the truth to millions who have never heard it. Among these millions are the representatives of many nations, many of whom are prepared to receive the message. Much remains to be done within the shadow of our doors” (Evangelism 571). It starts with prayer.

Resources and Contacts

Learn about Hindu People Groups. Joshua Project leads you to know where Hindu people live and characteristics of each people group.

Global Mission Center for South Asian Religions. Besides a clear introduction to Hinduism, register for access to manuals for ministry and Bible studies to share.

Hinduism: Conversations, Contrasts and Commonalities. Explore a thoughtful book by Dr. Paul Dybdahl and Dr. Clifmond Shameerudeen.

Engaging Hindus. Several downloadable articles from the Journal of Adventist Mission Studies.

Reaching & Winning Hindus. A manual by Victor Sam and Teelbaney Singh

Sharing Jesus with Hindus. Enjoy this interview with Pastor Philip Dangal regarding ministry among Nepali. 

Outreach in the Hindu Context. Ministry Magazine article by Kalapala J. Moses

Understanding Hinduism: A Practical Guide for Christians. Ministry Magazine article by Victor Sam 

A Canadian Hindu and Her Dying Child

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