Help Them Get Where They Need to Go



Can you imagine landing in another country as a tourist with no knowledge of the local transportation system or the ability to speak and ask directions? When refugees, immigrants, or international students arrive in your country, they may have absolutely no way to get around. You can help internationals get where they need to go.

As your time allows you can build friendships by being a free taxi service to friends. However, you’ll probably want to show them how to use public transportation too. Some may offer to give a little gas money.

You can also help them understand the cost of owning a car, including various kinds of auto insurance. You might partner with others in your church to help them find good deals. Maybe you can introduce them to a trustworthy mechanic so they won’t be taken advantage of them.

They may also need your help to study for their driver’s license. You could teach them how to drive or connect them with a calm, patience instructor.

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