Prepare them for Emergencies



In Thailand the emergency number on the telephone is 191. That won’t save any lives if dialed in the United States! It’s got to be 911. You can help your international friends by teaching them what to do in an emergency where they now live.

Write or print 911 (or whatever your emergency number is) and have them place it by the house phone. Make sure they know how to access it on their cell phone. Teach them to say, “My location is 1913 Townhouse Lane, Springfield….I need help.” Practice until it comes easily.

If their English is so limited that they would not be able to explain their situation, show them to say, “Help!” and not hang up. This way the emergency services can track them to their house.

Some newcomers may be afraid of the police. They may have come from a country where the police couldn’t be trusted. Help them know how the police and others can help them and that they shouldn’t fear them or offer money to them.

If you live in an area where natural disasters occur, you can help them know what supplies to have on hand in case of earthquake, flood, or tornados. You can show them where to run for safety.

If you really want to empower your friend, find an opportunity for them to attend a CPR or first-aid class. You may truly save a life or more!

(Further Click: Provide an emergency phone list, perhaps link to World Relief’s good example)

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